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Only Three Days Left for Prebuy and Cap Programs!

Gas Production Company. Propane services in Mid-Michigan

Our special winter rate programs’ enrollment period ends on August 31st. Contact us right away to get access to these amazing programs!

Prebuy (Enrollment Period: July through August)

The prebuy program gives you the best value for your gas. The program is offered to our customers to purchase LP Gas at a fixed price for the heating season. A minimum of 500 gallons must be purchased. The LP Gas purchased must be paid for within 30 days of the contract. The prebuy gas must be used by April 30th of the following year. Any gallons remaining will change to credit on your account on May 1. If your credit is returned before April 30, then a 20% restocking fee will apply.

Capped Price (Enrollment Period: July through August)

Enrollment for this program begins in July and usually ends at the end of August. For a nominal fee, your gas price will not exceed the capped price. If you enroll in the Automatic Fill program, the capped price fee will be waived. The capped price remains in effect until April 30 of the following year.

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