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About Gas Production Company

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Family Owned | Local Small Business | Licensed & Insured

GPC History

It all began with a seed planted by a man with a dream.  This seed slowly grew into a family tree……

Gas Production Company, Inc was founded by William C Sutherland and Carol L Sutherland in 1969.  The plant was operated out of a storage yard on Pine Grove Road in Vestaburg, Michigan, while the office was based in the Sutherland home.  In 1981, the office moved from the Sutherland home to the Pine Grove Road plant location.  In 1989, William and Carol purchased the current-day property on M-46 in Vestaburg, Michigan, and began construction of the new office and plant.  On August 28, 1990, the new office opened and has been operating there ever since. 

In 1993, Marc L Sutherland, the youngest son of William and Carol, joined GPC and in 2006, Eric D Sutherland, the oldest son of William and Carol, followed suit and entered the business.  William and Carol retired in 2006 leaving the business to the next generation to grow their dream.  

In 2000, land in Howard City was purchased for a sub-station to hold a 30,000-gallon storage tank with the goal of expanding GPC’s geographical area in hopes of adding a second office there in the future.  In 2010, GPC expanded into offering HVAC service, installation, and repair services for our customers.    

In May of 2023, Marc L Sutherland’s son, Camden C Sutherland joined GPC to help carry GPC into another generation of Sutherland’s.  

Gas Production Company, Inc. was built on the theory that our customers come first. Our service and safety for them is our main priority as is to provide customers with a family-friendly atmosphere.  Throughout the years and generations, the Sutherland Family has worked together to build upon a company that was established with strong roots.  Gas Production Company values family, community, and small-town America with the mindset that each generation leaves its unique mark on GPC.  These values will help the next generations continue to grow and improve on the seed that one man planted back in 1969.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Gas Production Company 55th Anniversary

Licensed and Insured

Our service goes beyond filling your propane tank. We are a licensed and insured heating, cooling and refrigeration contractor. If you have any problems with your heat, we can take care of it. There is no need to hire a separate company to make sure your system is running properly. We service natural gas systems as well.

We operate a showroom with a variety of furnaces, space heaters, and water heaters, so you can see what you are buying. We are an authorized repair facility for the Mr. Heater brand of portable heaters. We also service all makes and models of portable heaters.

We carry a variety of parts for grills, portable heaters and gas lights. We carry a large inventory of fittings and make custom hoses for many applications.

As we specialize in conversion of small engines from gasoline to propane or dual-fuel use. Some of the applications are generators and commercial mowing equipment.

Of the energy sources available to the agricultural community, propane offers a desirable combination of characteristics for agricultural applications.

Propane is among the most attractive options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Propane is sustainable!
  • It is readily available!
  • It represents a proven energy value that is efficient!

Two of propane’s most important uses are providing electrical power, sometimes called “distributed generation,” and power to operate irrigation pumps. In agriculture both of these applications utilize propane to fuel stationary engines.

Note: Keeping the propane fuel systems of these stationary engines in proper working order is a task that requires a working knowledge of the characteristics of propane as a fuel and of the components of propane engine fuel systems.

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